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Club Guidelines
Meal Planning
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Club Guidelines


Prestonwood Gourmet Club dinners are held on the second Saturday of each month at 6:30 p.m., from September to May. 
ADMINISTRATOR(S)  -  one two-year term
The administrator(s) will contact each couple by e-mail at least two weeks in advance to find out if that couple plans to attend the next gourmet evening. The administrator(s) will arrange the attending couples into groups of four or five couples and assign each group to a host home. The administrator(s) will also contact the members of that month’s planning committee to remind them of their task. The job of administration can be done by one couple or shared by two couples.
Each couple must participate in the planning of one meal per year. A different planning committee will meet each month, well in advance of the scheduled monthly dinner date, and create the menu for their assigned month. (It is a good idea to try dishes before selecting them; sometimes, they aren’t as good as they look on paper.) As a rule, the theme for each menu is selected by the administrator(s) prior to the September hors d’oeuvres and wine evening.
In addition to selecting the recipes for the evening’s dishes, the planners will give suggestions for wines to be served with the meal.  (Good wines can be found for $10 or $12.) On a cover sheet, planners will include a division of labor for the meal for four couples and for five couples. After meeting to plan the menu, planning committee members are to submit their recipes, background information, etc. to the monthly Planning Administrator, to be chosen by the planning committee. The Planning Administrator will compile all information received into a single PDF document* and will e-mail it to the Webmaster. The Webmaster will upload the document onto the Prestonwood Gourmet website as soon as possible.

* Please consult the club or website administrator if you need assistance.
The Website Administrator role is a revolving three-year term.  The Website Administrator will be responsible for publishing the information supplied by the planning committee and club administrators, within the confines of the web publishing software approved by the club. The club also has a back up Website Administrator.  Please let us know if you are interested in this role for a future term.
Each couple must host twice per year, except for those couples who host the entire group in September, December and May. The hosts/hostesses for the month will follow the division of labor designated by the planning committee, and will assign a dish (or dishes) to their guests. 
Traditionally, the host couple is responsible for the bread and wine served with the meal. However, often the host couple will have to prepare a dish as well. The host/hostess provides before-dinner drinks and after-dinner drinks at their own expense. If the host couple does not have liquor available for cocktails for the before and after-dinner drinks, they are to notify the attending guests in advance so that their guests may bring their own liquor, if they so choose. If the host couple finds that they cannot host on the date they signed up for, they must find another couple to switch with and notify the administrator(s) of the change.
The guests are responsible for preparing the dish or dishes that have been assigned to them by the host/hostess. They will keep track of their expenses, as the cost of the meal (not including before- and after-dinner drinks) will be divided among each couple at the host home that evening. Include only the cost of ingredients used, regardless of the amount bought.
After responding to the administrator(s) that they will be attending gourmet that month, each guest couple is responsible for their dish, even if they are unable to attend. It is not fair to leave the host/hostess stranded at the last minute. If the guest couple is unable to prepare the assigned dish due to illness, etc., they should make other arrangements with the host/hostess.

Receipts are tallied by the host homes, and the participants pay or are paid, depending on the average cost. 

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