Prestonwood Gourmet Club
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Club Guidelines
Meal Planning
Theme for the Year

Meal Planning


Submitting Menus and Recipes to the Webmaster
1)     Each monthly planning committee will select one member to be the Planning Administrator.
2)     After meeting to plan the menu, planning committee members are to submit their recipes, background info, etc. to the Planning Administrator.
3)     The Planning Administrator will compile all information into a single MS WORD document. This process may require standardizing the font type and size and re-typing scanned recipes (see first bullet, below).  
4)     The Planning Administrator will convert the MS WORD document into a .pdf document * and will e-mail it to the club webmaster well in advance of the scheduled monthly dinner date.
5)     The Webmaster will verify that the document is ready to publish and will notify the Club Administrators.
6)     The Club Administrators will provide the webmaster with the OK to publish.
7)     The Webmaster will upload the .pdf document onto the website.
8)     The Club Administrators will notify the club that the website has been updated.
* Please contact the administrators or the webmaster if you need        assistance converting to a .pdf document.
·        Avoid scanning recipes and pictures. The reason is that they do not copy/paste well to the website.
·        Every effort will be made by the Webmaster to accommodate the submitted file. However, if the scanned document compromises the appearance of the web page, it will need to be removed and typed by the planners.

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